Donate now to Friends of Pensacola State Parks, Inc.
Your donation will help the Friends support our state parks in the Pensacola area. Our goal is to promote the parks, improve the enjoyment and educational experience of all visitors to the parks.

Our next big project will be replacing the playground at West Beach. It’s a huge project, but with your help, we can do it!

After Hurricane Ivan destroyed many of the park facilities, we helped to restore the parks to their original beauty. Now, after the devistation of Hurricane Sally in 2020, we’re working with the park service to restore our parks. Most of the structures and playgrounds were flooded, weakening the ground and support, making them unsafe. We’ve initiated weekly cleanups in the parks to remove debris and construction material that was blown or washed in.

Over the past few years we have contributed vehicles and golf carts to help the park maintain their lands, held educational events to teach children to appreciate the earth’s natural beauty, rebuilt the boardwalk, benches, created a native plant garden, recruit volunteers for beach and trail cleanups and contribute to upgrading and maintaining facilities in the parks.  Your donations help us and the parks maintain the natural beauty that IS Pensacola State Parks.